What is the WiFi?

The wifi systems allow to connect to the Internet with a mobile device (laptop, PDA, etc..) in wireless mode. The connection is made by means of antennas which spread the signal in the predefined areas.

What is an Hotspot?

An hotspot indicates a place where there is an Internet connection. A hotspot is realized by installing one or more indoor or outdoor access points (access-point).

Come posso utilizzare il servizio Pisa WiFi?

You need to go to an area covered by “Pisa Wifi” network. The areas are marked with signs and are available on the website of the Municipality of Pisa at

How can I join to “Pisa WiFi” service?

If you are already registered to Pisa WiFi, please just provide your username. The system will send you a PIN.

If you are a new user, please fill in registration form. The online registration requires a mobile italian number or a valid credit card and your country mobile number. The registration is free of Charge. The PIN will be sent to you as a SMS message.

I joined to the service but I can not connect to “Pisa WiFi” network.

You can call the number of user assistance 800808919 or send an email to

Please, in the email provide device model and the hostspot (address) where you are trying to connect.